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(Redwaaaaaaaaaalllll! Eulaaaaaaaaaliaaaaaaaa! Blood and Vinegaaaaaaaaaar!)

Name: Linda Terill
Species: Hare
Weaponry: Bow + arrows, sabre
Strengths: Stealth, tracking and a large stomach.
Bio: Linda left Salamandastrron to go and look for a Badger Lord to follow. She was offered a place in the long patrol, but chose to continue her quest for a lord.

Linda was leaning against a tree eating an apple pie, occasionally swigging some October Ale and singing between mouthfuls about food. Suddenly she heard a noise up ahead and she was sure it was a badger.


Yay! Je vais châtrer tu!

Je suis un herrisson et un arbre!

Long live venezuelan olives and all donuts!
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