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Smile I wanna play too

Alright. I've been tempted.

Name: Mar

Age: 18 (wo0o ho0o 19 on Feb 3rd!)

[of the female persuasion]

Location: Oregon, USA

Height and weight: I'm about 5'1" and 105 lbs. I'm a small one, but I make up for it in attitude.

See me here

AKA: Motor mouth (I never shut up), Little John, and Smurfette (don't ask)

About me:
I love gaming. I've done a bit over everything. The first time I saw star wars I loved it. I've beaten both KOTOR on x-box. I think I'll go back an beat them as dark side. I love reading SW books.
I'm one term from being a sophomore in college. My major is Biology with a minor in Biochemistry. *WHEW*

I'd say the one word to describe me is "spunky". hehe.

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