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Battle droids came out and started firing, Rustic flipped inot the air which resulted in the battle droids shooting themselves, Rustic landed and rolled-sliced into on of the 2 remaining battle droids and force pushed the other into the wall.
"oh come on guys, that's it?" 2 super battle droids came out with 10 normal battle droids, Rustic raised his eyebrow and smiled, Rustic jumped inot the air deflecting bolts wide and landed behind a normal, wich Rustic sliced then force psuhed into 2 other blowing all three up, Rustic then force lunged at a super battle droid and delved his saber into the super battle droids chest ultimatly destroying it, Rustic delfected 2 bolts into 2 normals and then force threw his saber into the super battle droid's head and called it back to him. Rustic then sliced up the rest of the battle droids.
"i think i might have broken a sweat" just then some droid dekas rolled out.
"this should be interesting..."

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