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"i want to make a call to as many bounty hunters as possible, and want them to find 2 jedi females and a rugged looking male, do it, now!"
"yes sir." the man went running off to make the holocall.
Karten went to his quarters and sat down on his bunk.
"i will find you jedi, if its the last thing i do.." Karten whispered.

Karten got a knock.
"sir, the bounty hunters are here." karten came out.
"good, on the bridge i suppose?"
"good." Karten walked to the bridge to find a motley bunch of bounty hunters.

" i am General Karten, i want you to find 2 females, both jedi and man who looks unkept, find them and bring them to me. no disintigration!" Karten said thenturned and left, just as the bounty hunters turnedand left to their ships

((sorry i had to put the line in))

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