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First, some relatively minor gripes:

- I'd like the ground texture outside better if it wasn't blown up so damn big. Right now all I see are brown and green pixels.

- In shot 05, your struts against the walls have ugly misaligned textures.

- What's that to the right of shot 07? A lake, or ground fog? it looks kinda strange.

- In my opinion, shot 08 is the best you have. Looks mostly like the movie, looks like a forest. Nice blending into the skybox. Good job!

The big problems I have are still the same as before...the cyan fog does NOT look good on Endor! I suggest, again, you make a light brownish-greenish-grayish fog that won't be such an eyesore and won't hold attention the way your current fog does. After the color change, increase the drawdist of your fog and add the key "_fogstart 2000" to your worldspawn. That way the fog won't even start being draw till 2000 units away, which will give you a clear view until that point. Try it out and see how it looks, trust me on that. You can always paste back your old fog and write "wedge sucks" if you hate it. Then, add a tree-lines skybox with q3map_nofog in it, so the sky shows through the fog instead of the map fading to bright cyan nothingness.

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