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I have arrived. Forgive my lateness, but I have a few more important things to do at the moment than post on internet forums.

Now, first of all to the EU argument which is what my services were requested for:
The EU Argument
I have never said, nor have I ever believed, that a decent game can be made just using Canonical units. I do not object to the use of EU material to fill in a gap in the gameplay.

However, at the same time the EU should necessarily be in keeping with the general feel of the army in question. A huge AT-AT equivalent for the Rebels, for example, is right out because a brute strength unit does not fit with the Rebel style of warfare.

I'd like to, if I may, post once again my guidelines on how to maintain the right feel for Star Wars armies in an RTS game. Many of you have seen these plenty of times but I'm repeating them again for those who haven't. These are perhaps the laws that Viceroy mentioned above, but I'm not sure:

Vostok's Laws of Non-Canon Units and Star-Warsy-ness

1. It shall not replace or at least do-as-well-as a canon unit at a given task.

2. It is possible for it to exist as we did not see a type of warfare it excels at in the movies.

3. It shall not have some amazing ability that just about every army would have if they existed.

Now admittedly the TIE Crawler does not violate any of the laws. However as several others have said it just plain sucks as a unit concept. Why the Empire would ever use a tank when walkers are far superior is beyond my powers of comprehension. So obviously my laws fail to define exactly how to make a unit fit into the army. As a general guide it has to look like it has a decent role amongst existing Canon units, which the TIE Crawler does not. But that fact is too subjective to be defined by a fourth law.

Prequel Units
I too find it odd that the Prequel era has been ignored for this game. However unlike Windu I wouldn't say that the absence of them will make the game suck. There is just no logic in that statement.

However if an expansion pack were to be released with prequel units, I think it would be a cool idea for them to add only a single new civ in the form of the Confederacy, and merely expand the Empire to represent the Republic as well - since effectively they are the same army. The Empire as it stands already has some Republic units in it's forces, so expanding the Empire to include more would be cool. Perhaps there might have to be some restriction for the Empire so you can't access all of there units at the same time.

Other Ideas
As for my other thoughts on the game, they are pretty much exactly the same as lonepadawan's list at the start of the thread. However I disagree with his idea of shields. If you have to get inside a shield before your shots count, how do you take down X-Wings and Y-Wings? Perhaps for the capital ships and ground defences your idea is workable, but since it would be better to have a single model for all shields in the game I think the added rechargable hit points system is the only way to go.

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