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Multiple Arm Attack!
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You can get it here

I did a bunch of testing with about 6 or 7 different testers and rediesigned the map almost completely to it's current state.

There's still a few issues - Mon Mothma tends to get stuck from time to time and most notably its that the time limit needs to be removed from the Siege file. (& it's an easy fix as well) but I moved overseas in August and have been busy since then.

If you want - test it out and let me know what you think WORKS and what DOESN't WORK

I've played through Doom3 and was going to do something for that but Doom3 is a cool engine but the game falls apart about half way through.
I've only played the half-life demo and while it was cool, neither of these games captivated me like weilding a lightsaber and using the force!!!
So I've gone back to doing Jedi Academy stuff namely my Endor SIEGE map (3rd attempt!).

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