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If you have to get inside a shield before your shots count, how do you take down X-Wings and Y-Wings? Perhaps for the capital ships and ground defences your idea is workable, but since it would be better to have a single model for all shields in the game I think the added rechargable hit points system is the only way to go.
I was thinking of the ground shields mainly...

The rechargable hitpoints system is DULL. Imagine in ESB if Darth Vader had said "Oh they have a shield generator. That means they'll have more HP. Bombard the shield generator to destroy it, kill all the rebels and then we can go home for tea."

Besides... in the preview they mentioned shields stopping orbital bombardments and blocking certain weapon types.

Thinking further along the lines of capital ships going out of control and stuff I thought of somthing else: Blast damage. A star destroyer should do damage to surrounding units when it blows up.

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