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Vostok the TIE Crawler also doesn't make that much sense because it was a bad design to start off with and it's performance was hardly spectacular.

They would be far better off giving them the Chariot LAV speeder, it's a fairly light vehicle designed before walkers were and still used because it's fairly cheap isn't vulnerable to some of the traps walkers fall into. It's quite effective at least until you could get walkers but not a unit that would be made obsolete by them.

Whoever said MC 90 doesn't know their timelines the MC 90 doesn't come into service to well after Endor that's why the MC 80 Model B was released as a stop gap measure.

I agree with Vostok on account of sheilds though perhaps we'd need to see more information on them before we could make definite decisions, I personally in favour of different type of Sheild Generators like Ray sheilding and particle sheilding and the like.

I of course ignore his laws as pointless but it's something that keeps hi happy so I'll leave it at there

I think though that the Empire should get the TIE Phantom as a fighter used in covert operations since Imperial Intelligence was certainly an effective bunch on par with the bothans.

They should also get the TIE Defender though make them very expensive and so you would reserve them for important operations and cherish the few they have, they shouldn't be in mass service or replace the TIE Fighters or Interceptors they were too expensive at the timeline the game looks at and nor where they in mass service at that time either, that comes at least 20 years later.

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