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((Typo, Red Black Sun is something Drago has some history with, remember his "normal" role was black opps.))

Drago: It was about thirty years ago during the Civil War. I saw him personnally through a sniper sight at a distance of about mile. We'd been on Coruscant investigating a deal Black Sun were making with an unknown quantity.

Obviously at this time Black Sun was pro Empire and the Rebellion has generally taken a dim view of drug pushers. We had a mole in the organization, what he told us was that this was really big. We didn't want Xizor getting his claw into another pie so I took down the newcomers and another sniper took down the local scum. No survivors.

We had good intel but a lot of it didn't make sense. When I met you I remembered and it all fell into place. They called themselves Shadows, you see.

Just another dirty little war story from another big ugly war.

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