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By saying not meant to be released until next month , I meant it got leaked somehow.

Starwars.Com has an interesting website entailing what exactly a Republic Commando is. They lie between an ARC Trooper and a standard Clone Trooper.

"When you have a problem you send in a single ARC Trooper, a group of 100 standard troopers, or a squad of four clone commandos."

At first I was confused as to what kind of class the RCs were as they didnt have the physical trappings of an ARC.

The game also uses the latest Unreal engine too, and ill vouch for it's tastiness.

If you dig the Clone Wars and want to check out more information on Republic Commando, check out these links:

Official Republic Commando Site

Clone Commando entry in Star Wars Databank

Great Info From alpha2005

As a closing note, JASA has the download back up on their page so its up for grabs again.

I rate this baby 9/10. Im foaming at the mouth waiting for the 1st of March
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