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Riebe closed her eyes for a second. "It's Rustic. Alyssa and I are going to help."

She ran off, Alyssa close behind.

"We have to find that arena," Alyssa said. "And quickly!"

They ran across walkways, jumped to other buildings, and in any other way possible, hurried toward Rustic's cry for help. In just a few minutes, they found the arena and went in.

"You have tickets?" a man demanded. Riebe sighed softly.

"You have already seen our tickets," she said, performing a mind trick on him. He nodded slowly and let them pass.

"Enjoy the fight," he called after them. "It's over halfway done, though... they've pulled out the rancor."

Hearing this, Riebe's speed increased and Alyssa followed.

"No wonder he wants help," she exclaimed. "A rancor? Let's hope it's not full grown!"

They got into the seats and rushed down toward the wall. Nearly in unison, they drew their lightsabers. Alyssa had two, one orange and one green. Riebe had a single saber with a green blade. The people in the arena backed away with screams of surprise and fear.

Alyssa and Riebe leapt over the wall, dropping into the arena. This caused some yells of surprise from the crowd.

"Thought you could use a hand here," Riebe called to Rustic. She flipped up and away over the head of the charging rancor while Alyssa rolled underneath. Riebe landed on the rancor and pulled Rustic's saber out in a swift movement. Then, she dropped back to the ground and tossed the saber to Rustic.

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