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Heres my list of good things, bad things, things that need to be removed and things that need to be put in.

good parts:
The map layout itself is great.
The gungan weapon styles are awsome
big great battle going on with 100 units in the map at one time, lagy but still great.

Bad parts:

the er (cant think of the name, CIA transport troop carrier thingys) need to be a bit farther away from the gungan shileds.
the butter flys look like fish until you get closer to them(might be my comp)
alot of lag if over looking the shileds when CIS(again, prob my comp).

Things that need to be put in:
More kaadus for the gungans
More CIS tanks for the CIS
alittle water around the gungan sacred swamp
another CIS tranport(in the movie there was 4, not 3)

things that need to be removed:
less CIS scout vehicle thingys ( cant think of the name either )

over all I rate this map 9.6, Its a map you can play over and over and not get tierd of(like imperial ground )

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