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Thanks for the suggestions but i find that the amount of AAT's (cis tanks) is fine . They seem to spawn 3 to 4 times ( making 6 to 8 AAt's throught the map). There is a need for balancing or the gungans would get wiped out as they dont have any duper powered tanks .

I may make the distance between the MTT's and the Shields a bit bigger

I think the butterflys are birds

I do want the Kaadu's to spawn but it seems like an enigma in the mod world at this point seems able to spawn them . I just put them in untill i learn how to spwan them.

Here is a list of what I will be adding ,testing out etc.

ADDING- Kaadu Spawns.
Water from Sacred Place to CIS landing zone .
Proper Mini Map Radar.
Naming the Gungan grenades 'Booma's '
Maybe another MTT and a Fambaa Generator ( slowly heals the fambaa shields).
Proper Flythro Video for mission select screen - instead of photos.

TAKING AWAY - The vehicle repair droids next to the fambaas.
the recon droid for CIS (maybe)
Making distance between shields and MTTS a bit bigger .

+ General tweaking to AI , Objects etc etc.

Thats off the top off my head anyway.

OH!!!!!!!!!!!! the most important thing .....making the MTT's not drivable .

PS . did you mean you got bored of IMP Ground assault or am i mistaken?
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