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Server Issues!!!


Okay when I tried to join the server...

It would say I could not join because I don't have the map being played.

When you look at the map it is one that I have and one that some other servers would let me on to play but then there are several that won't which display the same message.

I have tried several maps...2 of the maps so far are...

Hoth: The Big Battle and Eddie's Tyrnna(Spelling?) v1.0 and I have both these maps.

I can go to other servers that have the map and it works just fine.

Anyone no what is going on...there are actually 11 people in there and I wanted to play it but no go.

Any help would be great. Thanks

Just tried a few other half of them do this but then I can go to other servers and play. Wierd for sure.

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