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Exclamation *Official* PC Demo Thread

Well, the pc demo for Star Wars: Republic Commando has been floating around for awhile (apparently since as early as Jan 25th when the german Gamestar DVD magazine featured it on their pack-in disc) but now it's available on mainstream sites, so the floodgates are open (expanded from this old thread)

This single player demo weighs in at a hefty 421.14 mb installer file, and seems to be completable in about 15 minutes (more if you mess around). Yes, it is different from the Xbox version! It features a mission involving some wookiees and some trandoshans and some other stuff. ; )

Post your reviews, download links (working only please, nothing illegal), cool screenshots, questions, secrets, or other fun stuff.

To get you started, here are some cheats that seem to work:

` to bring down the console then type:

behindview 1 (for third person view, change to 0 to turn off)

fly (float around! type walk to go turn off)

ghost Same as above, but you can clip through walls too. Type walk to return to normal.

allweapons or loaded (cheat gives you all weapons, and since you can only hold one "non Republic" weapon, the rest will dump at your feet)*

*Bear in mind that the Demo is missing some weapons from the full version (see the official site over at for details on these missing weapons that you can't use)

There may be other cheats (they seem to be similar to the various Unreal/UT cheats out there, so good luck)

Please do not post any full version spoilers, but if you can't control yourself, use the SPOILER tags, or simply don't post them here, PERIOD.

Download links:

Download JK2 maps for JA Server|BOOT CAMP!|Strategic Academy|
(JA Server:

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