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(Whatever guys, at least it's clear)

I came out of hyperspace at a safe distance from Kessel. General Madine's transport didn't look like it had arrived yet.
"I don't like the look of this," I said cautiously over the comlink.

Half an hour pasted.

Then an hour.
"Cmon General where are you?" I said impatiently.
Then a pleasent sight came out of hyperspace, Madine's armoured transport.
"Bout' time General," I mocked.
"Yes sorry about that, we got stuck on the way waiting for some Stardestroyers to pass by," he replied. "Anyway, we'll wait here until you free Wedge and the other rebels then we'll dock and treat them for their injuries."
"Copy that Sir, all pilots follow me," I said and started to descend on Kessel.

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