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played through the demo thrice last night, and am very excited about the retail release. this is just enough gameplay to pique my interest and make me want more ... talk about a teaser. the gameplay is smooth, the ability to command your squad-mates is almost second-nature, the multiple options/tactics available to the player will only increase the game's re-playability, the voice acting is awesome (fixer's a freakin riot, scorch scares the beejeezus outta me), and the music is top-notch. BUT there did seem to be some crappy clipping issues, such as scorch's gun going INTO a wall:

... and i believe i even saw a wookiee walk thru one of the commandos at one point. *shrugs*

as for rockin images, i have a few ...

GOTTA LOVE FIXER'S COMMENTS - too bad sev's incapacitated



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