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"Good spotting Jankih," I called over the comlink. "My sensors are reading the hovertrain coming from the south-east, prepare for interception. And remember guys don't get cocky, those Ties could turn up at any second."

We flew in formation towards the intercept point, crossing a ridge and my Y gave a huge jolt.

"Watch that ground fire boys, hopefully these shields should hold up," I said confidently over the comlink. "I have a visual on the train now, remember, only ion cannons on that train. Jankih and the rest of you keep us covered."

(We should use call signs or this can get confusing)
- Myself, (Colour) Leader
- Tom, (Colour) 2
- Zoric (If ever!), (Colour) 3
- Jankih, (Colour) 4
- Oetch, (Colour) 5
- Dakota, (Colour) 6
- Drake, (Colour) 7
Contact me if you want a different number.
Different missions may change your callsign.

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