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Darth Chaos was about to attack but stood straight instead. He then Force jumped to the top level and went in the room where Bok was standing and used the Force to throw the rancor towards all the Jedi. The man selling the tickets at the front was shot at the back by a sniper Battle Droid. "Jedi Scums...Quickly let us get out of here. Blow the place up." Darth Chaos said to Bok. Many shots were being fired at all the Jedi by the sniper Battle Droids as well the Droids that were left in the arena. The Super Elite Destroyer Droids retreated as the huge Iron doors leading towards the arena shut behind them.

Zan-Cool hurried to where Rustic, Riebe, and Alyssa were at. Making it to the arena's entrance, Zan-Cool saw many people arguing to let them in. He couldn't get in himself. He went away from the entrance and looked around the side of the arena. Spotting a ledge, Zan-Cool used the Force and jumped onto it. Walking along the ledge, Zan-Cool looked thru a window and saw various Battle droids on the top floor sniping at the arena at Rustic, Alyssa, and Riebe. He also saw a rancor going their way. Without hesitation, Zan-Cool cut a hole thru the window and dropped down to the top level, behind a Battle Droid. Quickly igniting his lightsaber, Zan-Cool cut the droid in half.

"At last we will reveal ourselves to the Jedi. At last we will have revenge." - Darth Maul
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