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Originally posted by Jan Gaarni
I highly don't recommend this one for PC by the way, unless you're 7 or something.
Or oddly dumb.

BTW, I prefer my good old PC because it's my plaything. I can customize it, change parts, etc.

PC's are better all-rounders then consoles and that's what I want. They can do all a console can and more.

It costs a lot more money to keep a computer up-to-date but I don't mind. You've got to work for it but in the end, I find it more rewarding.

You do not need to upgrade it every year. I prefer to do it every two years. I can keep it up-to-date without spending too much at once.

Great advances haven't slowed down much but one thing is sure, if there was a breakthrough, most of us would not be able to afford it.
I think it is a common misconception that PC gamers spend huge amount of money to upgrade every year to gain 2-3 FPS. I don't think any casual gamer would be able to afford that. -A friend of mine and an aspiring filmmaker.
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