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Caitlin and Erica crawled through the tunnel until they came to the end. Turning to Zamar, Erica grinned.

"How fast are you?" she asked. "You'll need to be pretty fast. There's a ship up ahead and we're taking it. You might want to stay behind us until we can enter it."

She followed Caitlin to the ship and drew her lightsabers. With a sudden, speed, the two Jedi leapt into the ship, attacking and overpowering the man inside.

"They're hiring bounty hunters now," Caitlin growled, staring at the man. She hurried toward the cockpit.

"Let's go," Erica said, following Caitlin. Once in the cockpit, she took the controls and lifted the ship off the ground.

"With any luck," Caitlin said, "the Imperials will think we're the bounty hunter they sent and let us pass."

"Zamar," Erica said. "If we hail them to inform them that the Jedi have escaped, will you speak to them? You can tell them you're on the trail of the Jedi."

"They'll have no reason to suspect us that way," Caitlin offered supportively.

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