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Re: Whose you favorite RC teammate?

Originally posted by Ch1cago88
Is it Sev, Scorch, or fixer? All have great and fun personalities, which makes the game richer and come alive. I like Sev, his British accent and his remarks are just badass. IMO he also looks the coolest. He kind of reminds me of Raphael from like the Ninja Turtles, lol. Plus he always seems to help me the most.
Hmm, I bet the developers are TMNT fans! Let's see... four virtually identical looking hero guys with different color markings, created by science... fighting an army of soulless robots, lead by a villian with cape & mask. Hmm.... wonder if they like pizza?

You = Leonardo
Scorch = Michaelangelo
Fixer = Donatello
Sev = Raphael

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