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Re: *demo spoilers*

Originally posted by Kurgan
Then you get to use that Trandoshan Turret that fires missiles, and you get three (?) types of grenades. Thermal Detonators, electric shock ones and I forget the other type.
You get four types of grenades: thermal detonators, sonic detonators, electrostatic charge detonators, and diversionary flash detonators.

Originally posted by Kurgan
Your wrist blade only seems to work using the Trooper weapons, except the pistol. For the pistol and everything else you do a rifle butt or pistol whip attack which seems to be just as powerful, although a few of the bigger guns are slower.
The pistol whip seemed weaker to me. I could usually one hit kill with the wrist blade, but I would have to finish off enemies i pistol whipped by shooting them (or hitting them again).
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