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Originally posted by StarWarsPhreak
Other than the fact that Trandoshans are actually worthy enemies of wookiees, and they're way too short (they should def. be taller than humans), the demo rocked.
The Wookiees are too big, too. And some of the Trandos look more like Nikto to me:

I think they just took a lot of liberties in the models, to give it the feel they wanted. It doesnt really bother me. At least its better then the "Noghri" in Jedi Academy.

Originally posted by StarWarsPhreak
I finally played through only getitng incapped once.
and that's right after you go in the first door and they're on the catwalks above you. I just can't stay alive at that part no matter what I do.
Yeah, I had problems with that part too. What I do now is
go right to where I need to plant the explosives, and place them as soon as I can, and shoot/nade Trandos in the mean time. It usually gets me past that part fine. I have the most problems with the area right after that. The one with all the droids.
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