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Re: Re: *demo spoilers*

Originally posted by Shok_Tinoktin
You get four types of grenades: thermal detonators, sonic detonators, electrostatic charge detonators, and diversionary flash detonators.

The pistol whip seemed weaker to me. I could usually one hit kill with the wrist blade, but I would have to finish off enemies i pistol whipped by shooting them (or hitting them again).
Maybe it is, I could be wrong. As to the types of grenades I just know that one type it seemed like if I threw it and the explosion was onscreen (not that it actually hit me), MY VIEW was distorted. ; )

I guess you have to throw it and then look away...

I assume the electrostatics are for droids, but what about the other two? Is one better? I figure TD's would be good for destroying vehicles or structures, but so far you haven't had to really do any of that (all destruction is done as an objective point). I don't have any pics, but the TD's were the familiar round balls, then there was an hour-glass shaped symbol and a "shaver" symbol, or something.

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