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The ones that you said distorted your vision are the diversionary flash detonators (the hour-glass ones). And yes, that wont happen if you look away. I actually found those to be really powerful, especially against those two really strong Trandos. When I threw them, the affected enemies stopped attacking at all, so I could just go through and slice them up with my wrist blades. The main difference (as far as I could tell) between the thermal detonators and the sonic detonators was that the thermal detonators bounce off of things and explode after a certain amount of time. The sonic detonators (the ones with the green) will stick to what they hit, and will detonate after a certain amount of time or by proximity. They also seemed to have a larger blast radius then TDs, but I'm not sure. I don't really know much about the EC Detonators (I didn't really use them), but the site says they damage droids and organics.
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