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Originally posted by StarWarsPhreak
I like the sonic grenades a lot more then thermal detonators because the TD suck. Sonic grenades kill instantly, but sometimes TD will just deal damage.

I'll be running around like crazy and shooting after ordering a clone to plant the bomb, but I still get hit in like one shot :/

I also think the clone rifle is way underpowered. I takes half a clip for me to kill anything while my handblaster kills in 2-4 shots.
I also like the sonic grenades more, for your reason, and the fact that they stick. When I throw a TD it will sometimes bounce back to far to be useful.

For some reason I've done much better when I just plant the bomb myself, rather than having one of the others do it.

The main advantage I see of the blaster attachment over the handblaster is that when you reach close range you can use the wrist blade instead of the pistol whip. A lot of the time, I do just use the handblaster.
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