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Originally posted by ET Warrior
PC gaming is overrated.

Don't get me wrong, I love my PC, and I love the games on it. But I tire of hearing about how vastly superior the PC is for gaming than a console. Both is obviously the way to go, why limit yourself and your gaming potential? However, if I had to choose Xbox gaming or PC gaming, I'd go with my Xbox, because it:

A) is on a bigger screen
B) is more portable if we want a LAN party
C) is easier to set UP a LAN party
D) Never needs upgraded
E) Never has compatibility issues
F) Is easier to play with real life friends.
I guess that is what I have been thinking. However updates and mods are not possible yet and that is valuable to me. Using Both PC and XBOX platforms can work unless the rumor is true....old XBOX games not compatible with the new? That would be HIGH TREASON and reason to drop my XBOX if true. Can anyone substantiate this?

Originally posted by RebelScum1
Just give um to me . There Problem solved...No seriously thought sell you xbox if you dont like it then buy/build a nice shiny new pc.
What is an XBOX worth anyway? I think I'd rather give it to you than sell it.

I bought it for $199, I bet I couldn't get $75 for it....?

Originally posted by StarWarsPhreak
I'm sorry, but the people at your store are morons. Nothing will replace the PC. Nothing.
I was refering to the PS2 vs the new (at the time) XBOX. Still you could be right about the moron part, it was a Radio Shack. Bought my XBOX at Wal-Mart of course.


The greatest deception men suffer is from their own opinions.
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