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(Very well let us try that again )

Tk there is a serious breach in the southern armoury lets go and see if we can be a help Tk nodded. We ran down the halls. We found a passageway he took that and kept running untill we reach the armoury. It was the largest of the four armoury's. I was outside not far south from the door i had shut before the breach in the armoury. I saw 5 rebels hold some pilot hostages. I signaled for tk to head to the air vent high above the guards. Then i ran out of the bushs. Hey Rebel scum! . Quickly they turned I gave three of them somthing to remeber me by. The Other two where able to get in cover. I rolled out of the way of there blaster fire. Tk Get up in that vent and see if you can take care of them! Tk nodded then jetpacked up to the air vent and hit it open with his fist. He was inside. While he was inside he made so much noise that the rebels where distracted. Then i took my chance. I divied out of hiding and ran over to one of the rebels. I hit him square in the face. i could hear bone cracking as he hit the floor. The other rebel got up hit me in the chest then the face. All it did was hurt his hand. He tryed to kick me and i grabed his leg and twisted till he screamed. Then i dropped him. I put the poor wretch out of his misery. Then Tk dropped from the air vent and we began helping the pilots. Then i saw something. Tk! they have a At-st!....

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