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Originally posted by Ranre
((and dark trooper is NOT A DROID!))
(lol youre going to want to read this man clicky)

Tk and i freed the pilots. The pilots thanked us and headed from Tie Bombers.
Alright Tk lets go see if we can shut down that at-st! We ran out of the armoury and headed toward smoke. We saw some rebels trying to get past the door i had jammed. They were almost through. So i mowed them down with my HIV. But that drew the attention of a rebel soldier hiding behind a tree. He jumped on tk. Tk fell to the ground. They began to roll about on the ground. I didnt want to shoot Tk so i hit the rebels back when i saw it. Then Tk was able to throw the rebel against a wall. The rebel got up quickly only to meet Tk's fist. The man slumped to the ground. Tk pulled out his pistol and shot him. You ready? Tk nodded. We hurried on. We say some stormtroppers still holding out against the overpowering rebels. The rebels had made a defense postion behind a broken down wall. One of the four rebels was a medic and was try to heal one man's leg. Then i say the at-st and a darktropper flying from the cockpit

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