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Post One or Two pointers

Here are somethings that I noitce that are pretty small but are pretty smart.

If ur in a speeder always go for the AT-AT in the back. If you go for the one in the front you run a higher risk of getting shot down by the one in the back.

Always try and get the AT-AT's right next to each other. Always make sure there is a little gap inbetween them to.

-----------Mos Eisley----------

Try and capture the hanger because a tank should spawn there sometime soon.

Defend the hanger at all costs the tank is very valuable.

----------Dune Sea---------

Immeditatly go for the Tusken Camp. Once you get it the other Tusken place shouldn't be hard. Try and get an ally to cover you in a tank while you take it.

To Capture the Bluff there is an overlooking cliff with a path way behind it. Go the the Cisterns or w/e and go towards the Bluff. Up there will be the cliff. Just lay down and try to hold your ground.


If the enemy (Always rebels) are spawn camping w/ their ships then use this to your advantage. Most will be up in the air so sneak as best u can and take their comand posts while they are up in the air.

Don't spawn camp!!!

There is a completly other part of the level under the Platforms. Use it! Don't always fly above. Its cool to fly under the platforms to.


If ur the droids rush the derelict with half of the squad while the other is anti tank and infantry. Also get both Hailfire's to go straight to the Assembly area and blast it.

If your the clones get some arks gaurding the Assembly area. Put some mines on the repair droid.


If you have a tank bring 2 people so if u get out then the other person can take over. That way it won't get stolen and used against you.

Always think about what the team needs. If ur trying to get a Jedi Starfighter the whole game and not doing anything but sitting around getting killed while waiting for it then Help the team. If you come by one then good for you!

Try and establish the best teamwork you can. Keep in good communication.

Play the Game smartly.

I'll add more levels to this if you guys want my to. If u don't like then just delete it or something.

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