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Originally posted by TyraaRane
I'm still waiting for them to announce Psychonauts for the Mac. Yep. Just you wait. Any minute now. Yep. You betcha. *sits back and twiddles thumbs*

Actually, what I'm really waiting for is for the system requirements to be announced and for my clunky old PC to finally kick the bucket so I can buy a newer one that'll play the game. Because I'm too lazy to go get an XBox or a PS2.
I would say that buying a PC asks a lot more energy than buying any console... You don't have to wait for the system requierment to get a pc... Any Radeon 9800 (wich is kindda old ) and above will do the thing i guess... So go and buy.

In fact I wanted people to guess, YEAH !!!

With my p4 2.6 (wich i'm gonna change for a 3.06HT in upcoming weeks) and my 1Go ram I feel confident... The trouble is my Radeon 9500Pro 128... I'm not hoping to play the game at 60fps with a load of details... But i hope to play the game well... Actually i'm not having plenty of juice on POPWW (Prinse of persi... 2...)
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