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Originally posted by StarWarsPhreak
If I answer my own question, do I get the point?
NO. I know the answer, im waiting to see if there were other takers... if none then I will answer and ask a new question....

in the meantime : check the tally !

WRAITH 8 ..... THE WINNER IS j00 !!!
(AMAZING 6 Point Turnaround - Due to Bonus Points = R4 and Bloodstripe questions)

Here is your unusable gift, and a card for phreak too, for consistent high performance

and Phreak, I hope this will bring an end to your whining about a cool card

* * *

as for The there are several 'Guardians' organsations listed in CUSWE.... I have picked the coolest (tho Im not sure if its what you are after....

A. They were a Bounty Hunters Guild, which existed during Civil war period. Their distinguishing feature was red armour...

* * *

Please clarify Phreak, in the meantime, I will ask a new question...


Q. Name 5 famous Hutts and a very brief description of what they did, where they appeared ... (yes, you may include the most obvious one)...


Asinus asinum fricat

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