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Originally posted by Jan Gaarni
Q: I was the last of my kind. I ensured our survival, and taught patience, planning, and secrecy. Who am I?

Darth Bane.

The last of the Sith Lords, survivour of the Battle on Ruusan. The saviour of the Sith cult and teachings, by introducing stealth and secrecy.

My apologies for saying Wraith 8's question shouldn't be hard.
See Phreak, Im sure there are probably other valid answers to your vague question. Though perhaps you are yourself thinking of Darth Bane as well.

Bane did cross my mind, as he is basically the sith version of Luke, ie. had to reform the order from scratch...

anyway, Phreak, confirm who *you* were thinking of .....

* * *

I will resume in the interim...

Q. OK. Soontir Fel :
*Who was he ?
*Where was he from ?
*Who was his famous 'classmate' ?
*Where was he during The Battle of Yavin ?
*Name his famous squadron's name ?



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