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Originally posted by RemiO
I don't know about the Mac, but I think the game easily could find a market on the Cube. Funky, bizarre games seem to sell well there - most Beyond Good & Evil owners I know are Cube people.
I'm not a cube owner (and how the hell do you complete that game?! The giant eye goes above you and then I get hit!)

I'm gonna be playing it on my computer and hopefully, it won't take up too many specs as my computer game out in november so it's getting on in... months. Bah, people still think it's a good idea to release games that don't work on computers that came out yesterday, but I've got a feeling the schafer will be different, I don't know why, i just have a feeling he'll want a lot of people to be able to play his game.

Oh, and I see no reason to buy an X-box to play it, a friend of mine bought an x-box for the soul reason of playing Halo-2 (seriously overrated) and he hasn't bought another game for it, there are simply no good games for the X-box (of course psychonauts will change that, but still).

I'm just gonna stick with the good ole PC and if i have to run it on limited graphics.

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