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I'm stunned.

The demo is pure gold. Just pure gold. I loved it so much, I played the thing ten ****ing times.

The gameplay cannot be questioned as better than any game I've ever played, especially the unique squad revive feature. Also, it gave me a message about not having the proper Pixel Shader feature on my video card, which I foresaw but downloaded the thing anyway, I was so desperate. Turns out, I can still play, AND the graphics still look awesome! I don't know what Pixel Shader does, but the graphics are obviously top-notch with or without.
The weapons were awesome, and I especially enjoyed how you could smack them with the butt of the gun or use the vibrobalde in the knuckle plates.
Being able to order squad mates to do tasks, man turrets, and take cover makes the game a lot more fun. I sorta got the feeling of "leave no man behind" when my men ran through showers of bullets to revive me -- I felt the obligation to do the same with them.
I actually enjoyed doing a lot of the available tasks such as blowing doors, reviving squad mates, and slicing consoles myself for the sake of different stuff to do besides shooting, but it was ncie to have four things being done at once, so a squad is overall much better than games you play alone.

Just a few complaints: the DC17 runs out too fast and there's not enough ammo on the map (I try not to waste the ammo, but that may be the problem anyway ), my squad mates NEVER use anything other than the DC17 (plus they hever run out of ammo like I do ), and it takes a little TOO long to get on my feet once I've been revived. Sure, one wouldn't exactly leap to their feet after taking thirty shots in the chest, but it's obnoxious how as I wobble to my feet, bullets are meanwhile draining all my health.

Game score out of 10: 15.

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