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Originally posted by BattleDog
((Scar, if you check back you'll see that the whole thing got edited. As to him not being affected by the Force, well thats just stupid. Right now he's in a maximum containment cell that could hold Darth Vader, so he'll have to talk his way out of it, later.))
((Hmm. I love planning ahead...))

Flax: A demon!

*Flax uses the Force to knock Behamoth back against the bulkhead, knocking him unconcious*

*Flax activates his comm.*

Flax: We have a code Delta-6-Bravo. I want this thing in containment.

*A few minutes later soldiers arrive and the blast doors are raised. They load Behamoth into what amounts to a solid titanium steel coffin with three inch thick walls. The container is locked down and Behamoth is carted away, he is then dumped into a re-enforced holding cell and the door slammed shut.

*When ever the ship left hyperspace...*

*Behomoth woke with a sore head, his weapons and comms unit taken away.

He paced his limited 'cage' a bit in thought. He had a plan of getting out, a back up plan in case of anything of this sorts.

Mentally he finds himself where he is in the galaxy and then goes into a deep concentration where he begins sending out a telepathic signal.*

((Yes if flax WANTS to sense it, go ahead, but frankly we really cant continue the plot days/weeks before whats going on currently...))

*Suddenly a sort of gravimetric ripple appears in the air infront of Behomoth. It changes in to a round energy ribbon, where inside it one could see a swirl of energy flowing into the center. A portal...

Behomoth walks into it, and the portal instantly dissappears after, leaving the cage empty...*

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