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Q: Where does magic or other supernatural power come from: the gods, the "mana" of the world, the personal willpower or life force of the magician, somewhere else? (ex: for the Force, it's the Force itself, presumably usually through midichlorians) Is magic, etc. an exhaustible resource? (For the Force - are there instances anything like Kyle Katarn's "pool" of power which he could deplete through rapid overuse?) What long-term effects will usage of magic or other supernatural power have on the health and/or stability of the user? (Especially if the "spells" must be fed with the user's own willpower, life-force, sanity, or other mental or metaphysical personal resource.) Do different races/species have different sources for their magic/supernatural power, or does everybody use the same one?

Magic is part of the world, like water. It encompasses an entire set of elements all to its own, but unlike mundane elements, magic responds to the will and thought of life. Magic can be manipulated, or it can manipulate. Like the Force, it flows through all life; unlike the Force, it alters it. Different strains of magic alter it in different ways.

Magic is an exhaustible resource, but so is water. Some creatures form magic "sources" in themselves; but any creature can draw on the ambient magic of the world around them, assuming that ambient magic is there to be drawn from. (Going back to the water analogy, moisture is scarce in deserts, common in temperate areas, and extreme undersea.)

Since all magic alters 'reality' in some way, shape or form, it must be handled with care. There are certainly many strains of it which can destroy life or destroy sanity, and careless magic users can put themselves at enormous risk.

Different races and species may use different sources or types/strains of magic, but this is due to culture and happenstance, not something intrinsic to the race or species. Everyone can use any magic source.


(The next category is split. I'm listing the questions for each category simultaneously; just ignore the question that doesn't apply to your world.)

B. Alternate Earth - OR - C. Not Earth At All

Q: (Alternate Earth)

How similar are the history and culture of the alternate earth to real history and culture? Why is it so similar/different?

Q: (Not Earth at All)

How does this world differ physically from earth? Is it the same size (same density, same gravity), same ratio of land/water, same atmosphere, etc.? Does it have more than one sun or moon? Rings? Are there spectacular constellations/comets, etc. visible at night or by day?


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