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Riebe and Alyssa escaped from the collapsing arena, but ended up on the opposite side of it from Zan-Cool and Rustic. Riebe watched the rest of the arena cave in and shook her head. "Not quite what I'd expected," she said.

"You were hoping to chase the Dark Jedi," Alyssa said. Riebe nodded.

"You may have seen me jump after him," she said. "But when I got up there, he was already gone... no matter. We'll no doubt see him again... and perhaps we'll get to meet his master."

"You don't think he was the master?" Alyssa asked. Riebe shook her head.

"No," she answered. "If he had been the master, he would have stayed to fight. But the apprentice had no orders to fight Jedi, so he fled. He will no doubt return to his master and report what has happened."

"Then, the master will know the Jedi are on to the existence of the droids," Alyssa frowned. Riebe nodded slowly.

"That won't make him happy," she said. "Come on. Let's rejoin the others."

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