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[K1] Tomb of Jesset Dal'Kest Available for download at PCGamemods.

Ok for all those who have been waiting here we go.

UPDATED LINKS BELOW : (also contains the patch)

Now at Kotor2Files


Mod Name: Tomb of Jesset Dal'Kest
Author: Darkkender
Supporting Mods & Authors: Chainz.2da & his Segan Wyndth Sabers & Jedi Armor,
Mavrick187 & his White Double Saber,
Mono Giganto & his dl44 & e15 weapons.

Installation: This Mod includes a KMM if you use this system. Otherwise just add everything to overide folder. If you have the above mentioned Authors mods just go ahead and overide everything. The one exception to the overide everything policy is the 2da files I tried to make everything as compatible as possible with most everything except the Holowan plugin and AIOFPM as time constraints kept me from that.

What this mod includes: This mod expands on Chainz.2da's Segan Wyndth Jedi Armor adding 7 new armor types, it also expands on his Segan Wyndth Sabers adding 2 new sabers for that mod. Also included is my creature grenade mod and the Guardian of the force lightsabers. If you have my recruit Darkkender mod installed just overwrite all the files in there when prompted as all of the above by me are either compatible with or updates to some of the listed equipment.

This Mod features 2 new areas available on Korriban. If you team up with Lashowe to kill the Tukata Queen in the Valley of the Dark Lords a Rune covered pillar will appear behind her at the cliffs edge. Proceed to the activate the pillar and oh my your in the Tomb of Jesset Dal'Kest.

2da mentions:

This mod includes 3 2da files baseitems, spells, and upcrystals. At the time of release upcrystals has been updated from the one Chainz released with his sabers to include Maverick187's white double saber, Darth Nemisis Nemisis saber, The Guardian of the force sabers, 2 new segan sabers White & Guardian, and sketh42's EKUN double saber.


You should be at least level 16 prior to entering as everything is challenging.(Dry runs took me an estimated hour to complete with all lvl 20 heavily modded characters.)


Take your time and explore the illusion of the ebonhawk before leaving. If you are using Redhawke's new construction bench the workbench aboard will be compatible with this mod.

Specail Thanks goes out to the following for various reasons told above and untold;

Fred Tetra
Mono Giganto

Darkkender at Holowan Labs PM or look for me on the boards.

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