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Originally posted by LordMalak
Battlefronts dead? Where ever you get your info, your terribly wrong my friend. TONS of ppl play BF.

Yes thatís true if you think 200 people on its busiest nights is good. Trust me, the games a dud. They first rushed out the game leaving out half the promises they first said the game would have in it. The game Manuel didnít even match up with the game controls and etc. There was no REMOTE admin or Linux server, and THERE STILL ISENT. The unbalanced teams between Clones and Sep. were sickening. (clone win 10 times out of 11, always) Sure they patched it, THEY HAD TO, if they didnít you know how many more people would just drop out of that game? They locked the fps, the games official player count is 32 man server. (only because this game is a port from the counsels) Most game official in this genre are more like 50. When the Gamespy first was hosting games the entire setup was f-up. I even dropped this game from my clan ( we play bfv, aa, and css :P ), it was embarrassing to play half the time when it first came out with my mates. They couldnít even join a game with me, lol, cause the server kept refreshing. I could go on too. Maybe it was a gg to you, but to me being competitive and all it didnt reach standards. clan site

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