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((again i quote:

*A few minutes later soldiers arrive and the blast doors are raised. They load Behamoth into what amounts to a solid titanium steel coffin with three inch thick walls. The container is locked down and Behamoth is carted away, he is then dumped into a re-enforced holding cell and the door slammed shut.*
you never stated the fact before, so i will take you on your first discription. and with that your second discription i shall redeem invalid due not only the fact that you posted that after I made my character's escape, but none the less that you insist on the old golden rule of: "that's how its gonna be, and there is nothing you can say or do about it..."



you're controlling, thats what you want to be, you want to control your characters and other people's that are in relation with yours. IF NOT my characters

well i could understand if you want to single out my characters, especally when we have these nice arguements and all,... BUT its rather pathetic always keeping on the repeatitive...

Red: let the games begin...))

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