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Originally posted by eastcoast2895
not getting in the argument of effort or what not, but i think lucasarts doesn't have the worst in-house record.

there was dark forces, jedi knight 1, rogue squadron (according to it was both factor 5 and lucasarts), shadows of the empire ( i liked it, good in its time ), full throttle, grim fandango, sam and max, and maniac mansion.

also i personally like episode 1 racer on n64.

so it seems to me lucasarts knows how to make a game, its just sometimes they miss. and as of right now republic commando may be a hit.
Dude; how can you forget the game Armed & Dangerous?! Thats easily one of there best games, sure it may not be Starwars and i have no clue if it was also made by another company but it still has the Gold Guy!
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