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"Coruscant," Caitlin replied. "By way of a few other planets. Kamino, Mantessa, Bakura, Alzoc III, Commenor, Jkhanp. We'll end on Coruscant. This way, we can loose any tails they might have put on us."

"Alzoc III?" Erica asked, shivering. "That'll be cold at this time of their year."

"We've survived colder," Caitlin reminded her. "Remember our brief stay on Hoth?"

Erica shivered again.

"We'll end on Coruscant," Caitlin said again. "A planet controlled by the Empire is the last place anyone would look for Jedi."

"The planet with so many places that are good for hiding," Erica muttered. "It just has to be Empire controlled."

"We must be crazy to attempt going there, don't you think?" Caitlin asked, a smile crossing her face.

"The best kind of crazy!" Erica answered, also smiling. "Crazy enough to attempt a thing nobody in our position would want to. Crazy enough to know that in doing so, we have an advantage. Go where they won't be looking for you."

"Right," Caitlin said, grinning. "Now come on! Get us out of here."

Erica nodded and sent the little ship into hyperspace toward Kamino.

((For the information of anyone interested, I have taken the names of these planets straight from a SW map. . If you doubt me, feel free to look them up. Alzoc III is cold, but not as cold as Hoth... that's the reason for my comparison between the two. Even if you don't doubt, I recommend taking a look. It's all rather interesting.))

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