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The helicopter finally landed at the HQ Trent got out then helped Tara out and turned to her and jack, alright, i need to talk to my superiors, you can wait in the lobby, just go straight through that door and take a left, big room, can't miss it. anyone asks say that your with me." with that Trent went in another door escorted by two guards.

Trent reached his superioir's office and was let in.
"who are they?"
"creator and co-creator of The Game sir"
"why are they here?" becuase the female, also known as Tara is our link the The Game's corrupter and potentially a threat sir."
"hmm, you seem to have all your bases covered, what don you need?"
"i need a few agents, audio and visual, locations and a few weapons, maybe sopme nifty gadjets."
"well you know where they are, go ahead, and don't worry the main HQ leaders will be fine with this, this is our city, we are in charge of what goes on."
"thanks cuz."
"don't worry kid, i got your back." Trent smiled, saluted then walked out of the office towards the lobby.

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