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ded server setup.


i just got s ded server setup for ja and it works for me and all. but i cant see it in the masterserver list online. and in favorites when i added it manually i just get my ip. only place i see the actual server name is in local and it has [UDP] after it.

can anyone help me on this? i do run a router but i was told that only 29070 needed to be forwarded

even age reloaded says its offline (but i can enter the server)

i also run a ut2004 server and dont have thi sproblem with it it displays fine.

i am runing JA+ mod 2.2 but this shouldnt be at fault. it doesnt even show regularly.

second question. is there a way to rotate game types without shuting the server off and editing the file? say going from FFA to CTF?

thanks alot
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