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Originally posted by Huz
Roll, man. You have to time it right, so keep trying. If you couldn't manage to roll out of the way the first time, you'll love the next stage! :>

Psychonauts truly does need to come out for the Cube. I've found that Gamecube owners are more than willing to look beneath the surface of Nintendo's generally cutesy offerings, rather than just going "Pffft! Cel shading! What a stupid game for little kids!". Well, they're either that, or actually are kids. Either way, they're a greatly appreciative audience and they need a game like Psychonauts!
Okay, there is no roll feature in combat, all I have is dodge, and as muchy as I click that button, the things still hits me. tried to charge up my stick thing and launch up into it, but I never have enough time to charge up, when i click fire after hitting it on the right, she goes for another swing before she realises i'm holding the button down and by then it's too late.

And I know about the next part, apparently the controls are turned backwards, a "helpfull" friend told me to turn my keyboard upside down for that part. how does that work when I'm using a lapotop?!

The Psychonauts specs look pretty good, I knew Schafer would go in for gameplay as apose to big graphics and too much load time. The only big requirement is the 4-6g free, most games only ask for about 1 or 2 these days. But still, I'll buy it.

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