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Originally posted by Emperor Devon
Something is wrongs... When I align myself to the Dark Side, and kill the other 2 people, I can't leave the tomb. I can get the items, but I can't leave or speak to the person I spared. I've tried being neutral and light side, but I can never speak to the person who lives, or leave the tomb.
Have you tried to unlock the door. I had problems trying to set up the event trigger to unlock the door so I made it unlockable. As of yet I have not made after the battle dialogues, I kept running into various roadblocks. So some of these features when resolved will be in a update release. But anyways try picking the lock if I recall the DC is 40 or so, I never had troubles with my Jedi Guardian with next to no security skill on my test runs.

To all those who have tried this has anybody had troubles with the trigger warping you to the Illusion of the Ebon Hawk after the Computer Terminal? Such as it giving a explosion effect and no warp?

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