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Originally posted by Captain Gonzo
Wow, that's crazy! I have a Radeon 9600 Pro (256MB though I doubt it makes much difference). Curse their wrong-headed numberings! Still, should handle Psychonauts, so I can handle it.
It's that Ati as been doing strange ingeneering in that bunch of card... The R9500 can be changed into a 9700 (with a little physic change(welding) and the 9500Pro was kind of suprinsigly performing for the price... But they needed tat model to be keeping the way againste nvidia... the R9600 is a less expensive to produce card, less performing, that came after the R9500 and R9500Pro, then it wasn't modifiable... and all...
Actually you're 256mo of ram should make something, of course, interesting .
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